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Chance 1 sallydove

‘Chance’, Miniatures Exhibition

Chance 3 sallydove

The first horse I ever rode on, was huge, muzzled and called ‘Chance’. I had no control over it and cried because I hated the whole experience. I was 9 years old.

As luck would have it, years later, I rode an Icelandic pony, in Iceland. It was small, elderly and stocky, called ‘Whiskey’. As it dragged way behind the main group, I absorbed the huge expanse of snowy landscape. The ice broke across small streams. It was wonderful.

I made this tiny piece during the first lockdown, amongst other tiny matchbox artworks of places I had visited or never been to. Somehow I think it was a miniaturised way of absorbing the lockdown experience and dreaming of other places, spaces and magical moments.