How to use the wpbakery block editor

Where things are

Your website has three main areas –

  1. Posts – where you add news items
  2. Pages – where your main content is
  3. Portfolio – where your projects are

There’s also the Media Library, where all your images, animated gifs, pdf files, etc are stored. You can either add new media directly in the Media Library, or (as in most cases I suspect) add them straight on the page as you edit.

If in doubt, take a look at existing content and copy that method, or check how things are looking before publishing using the Preview button.

By and large everything is pretty intuitive, but don’t despair if things go awry, you can usually step backwards by using the Revisions tab further down the page.

The green tab

Editing is done using blocks, which are display items, from text and headings, images and rows, to galleries, video blocks and many more.

In the main you’ll be editing the ones already on your website, so that’s where we’ll concentrate.

There are four options to each block, which appear when you roll over them:

  1. Move – allows you to grab the block and move its position
  2. Edit – opens up the editing pane to make changes to the content
  3. Clone – which clones the block, useful for repetitive jobs
  4. Delete – which deletes the block. USE WITH CAUTION there’s no undo!


When adding a new image to your Media Library, remember to enter values for the Alt Text and Title fields.

Make them descriptive, but not wordy.

For project images you can also add a Caption. This will appear under your image, useful for stating media used, etc.

Adding a portfolio project

To add a new project go to: Portfolio > Add New Portfolio

  1. Add a Title
  2. Under WPBakery Page Builder, click on the Templates icon
  3. Select the ‘My Templates’ tab and add the ‘sallydove project template’
  4. Edit the Custom Heading block (project title)
  5. Edit the text block (project description)
  6. Add your first image to the Single Image block
  7. Clone that block and replace the image with the next one
  8. When you’re finished adding images, add a Featured image (bottom right)
  9. When you’re finished, click on ‘Publish’ and it will be added to the projects page