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All the work you see here is from my Bristol-based studio. When I’m not cycling to my shop or digging/drawing on my allotment, I am very likely hand screen printing onto high quality organically grown cotton.

The water based inks I use are environmentally-friendly.

My full range of lampshades are displayed at MAKERS shop & gallery, and available to purchase via our online shop (coming soon!). You can commission me or custom order lampshades by contacting me via this website. See contact form below.


StarMini1About sallydove

I trained in Fashion Textiles at Brighton University and then completed a Masters in Textiles in Birmingham. My work has always had a strong environmental and nature ethic which has grown since moving to the lovely city of Bristol.

Since co-founding MAKERS shop & gallery in 2012, I have focussed my design and printmaking onto organically grown cotton, because it generates positive and healthy work for those who produce it and work with the crops. The organic fabrics are mostly woven on household looms in Kerala.

Printing with environmentally-friendly water-based inks, I love the visceral experience of the printing process, and maximise on this by my own combination of hand cutting paper stencils, and also photographically exposing my hand-drawn designs onto the screens at the wonderful and local Spike Print.



The lampshades are hand rolled in my Bristol studio.

They are suitable for lamp bases and as pendant shades for ceilings (lovely hand turned wooden bases shown here are by Nick Hammond.)

The size of the shades range from 15cm diameter up to 45cm.

I make shades for living room and bedside lamps, floor lamps and ceilings, to add personality and little bit of nature to your decor.

Not sure what you want? I am happy to advise and send colour samples for matching - commissions are welcome, custom sizes available upon request, please use contact form for enquiries.


StarMini3Tea Towels

Sallydove tea towels are woven on hand looms and hemmed by a ladies cooperative in Kerala. They are organic cotton of good firm quality and I hand dye and print on them with water based inks.